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Wednesday, October 04, 2017 Super User Yelp 969

I always feel like Im in a jam when I call a plumber. Almost like I have to go with whatever they say because I just want it fixed! But No Clogg was extremely professional. I figured I try them out since they were referred to me by a local restaurant who use them frequently. Highly recommennded.

Vanessa M.

I’m so grateful for No Clogg plumbing. They do excellent work at the price they quote. It’s clear that they know what they are doing.

I had a blockage in my main sewer pipe causing my tubs and bath to fill with raw sewage. I immediately got on the phone with my home insurance company who sent out a plumber. The first guy out tried to snake from a 2″ cleanout and immediately tried to quote me for at least $1k of work. I called the insurance company back and got them to send someone else out. This next guy ended up wanting to charge me $5100 to fix my problem. It was clear that these “insurance” plumbers use the calls as a sales lead.

Fortunately, I gave a call to Baron at No Clogg plumbing. He said that it was very unlikely that I had the problem the other plumber said I did. He came out and used the hydro-jet and his camera to clear out the problem. All of this was done at a very reasonable price, and I have video to prove that my pipes were clear. No Clogg stands behind their work and you can trust them to perform at a higher standard.

Well done, No Clogg! You have a customer for life.

Tom C.

Called them to get service, they called back to give me a time, and then never showed up. Left me with no service, and late to work.

Rob L.

No-Clogg’s Baron was great. Came to my office same day I called and did a fast clean and tidy job! He pays attention to everything and took great care in making sure I was happy before he left. I highly recommend him!

Margie S.

These guys are a rare breed.

The main drain clogged on the home we had just purchased less than a week after moving in. The plumber from my home warranty company (Accent) tried to fix it, but instead caused a basement flooded with thick, nasty, poo water, and had my account flagged because of roots so the insurance wouldn’t cover it. On top of that they wanted $225 in ransom to clean out the main line that they failed to clean out properly earlier.

No Clogg to the rescue. They have upfront, honest and fair pricing, they kept to the quote even when things got a little ugly, and fixed my drain right the first time. They have earned my respect and my business for life.

I plan on having them come out next week for a camera inspection and waterjet…and if the main needs replacing they are the only ones I would trust.

Matthew F.

The best! Came over on Memorial Day (!) even though they were closed to fix my clogged kitchen sink. Bless you!

Cassandra S.

I do not live in dread of my next plumbing misadventure, because Baron is a gentleman, and he is going to make my problem go away. I was met with water shooting out of my hot water heater soaking everything in the garage as I attempted to head for work. Baron had scheduled a day off to visit Disneyland with his wife and kids…but within an hour he came and fixed my troubles and then set off for family time. Very very sacrificial, probably more than his wife appreciates, but I am super grateful! I like to do business with professionals who dress and behave in a professional manner and who know their craft, which is why I will use and refer No Clogg Plumbing and give Baron, a master plumber, my continued business.

Nancy W.

As a real estate professional, I heavily rely on referrals from clients and other vendors in the industry. I was introduced to Baron by a home inspector and called him immediately. He was easy to get a hold of, prompt to the appointment, and provided multiple recommendations to the buyer. We followed Baron’s recommendations to perform a hydrojet on a sewer line. We were pleased when he cleared the obstruction, cleaned it, and gave his concise evaluation. Overall a good experience on an inspection that’s often a deal breaker.

Cesar L.

We had a super rude awakening when our main line clearly was clogged and all was backing up in to our tub. We have a one bathroom home and so we needed immediate assistance. I called early in the morning and within minutes received a return phone call. I discussed the issue and emphasized that we really could use someone during the day. It was evident that No Clogg was already pretty booked up for the day and yet he still made a major effort to fit us in the schedule hours earlier than we could have hoped for. So within hours actually of calling all was done at a reasonable price and we had our house back. When you have a one bathroom home and that one bathroom is not functioning it can make it a little tough for everyone in our home. We all really thank you No Clogg for I don’t know how else to say it but for giving us back our house so fast! We would call again and we truly recommend as you are so thoughtful and reasonable and understanding. We love working with companies right in our area too. Okay hope this is helpful and thank you to those who posted a review before us because it was your reviews that helped us choose!! J.B. K.

I have used No Clogg Plumbing 3 times in the last 4 years. I have no complaint! They are efficient, friendly, skilled at what they do! I’d recommend them to others and surely use them again!

Tracy H.

This company is awesome! When ever we need a reputable plumbing contractor this is ALWAYS who we call, and no one else! When you have found the best…forget the rest! Our company locates sewer lines and some pretty intense issues and there are certain issues that are beyond even our expertise. Baron is a professional in every sense and we love working with him. If you want your problem fixed the first time, this is who you should call. Sarah G. Great service and great experience with No Clogg. I contacted No Clogg for a sewer line inspection during our home purchase in

Beverly Glen.

Baron came out and he was great. I got a DVD video of the sewer line and other details related to the current situation of the plumbing in the house. The DVD was great, the seller and I both got to see actual footage of the main sewer line from the house to the street. Had I not had this done, we wouldn’t have known about the main line being cracked and the roots that had grown through it. After the sellers saw the DVD, they took care of the repair. It was awesome having someone like Baron to work with during this process. There’s so many unknowns when buying a house, so being able to bounce questions off Baron and to hear his insight, made me a way more informed buyer.

I’d use No Clogg again anyday.

Arthur H.

I can’t report on how good the service is however I can report on the character of Baron.

Yesterday I was very frustrated on my way to a work meeting and my mapquest directions AND map on my phone gave me the WRONG directions. I had been driving around for a half hour. I was in Altadena/Pasadena trying to get to La Canada-Flintridge. I pulled over frantically trying to find a phone number to the place I was going and happened to see Baron..rolled down my window and asked if he knew the area I was going. First he said to give him a moment to think of how he could explain the directions…after a moment he said “it will be just easier if I showed you.” He literally took the time to have me follow him and take me to where I needed to go. To have a stranger go out of there way to help is very unusual. Had it not been for him no telling how long I would have been lost. Baron was my Angel on yesterday. Stay tuned…I need to get a new toilet installed, I plan to use Baron and will write another review on his service. Kindness he gets a A+

Ally B

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